Destination Philippolis 2021 RADA road trip empowering and supporting South Africa’s vulnerable rural communities.

During August 2020 RADA launched their MiPad project with the first distribution of reusable sanitary wear to the schoolgirls living in the small rural Free State town of Philippolis. The project is aimed specifically at empowering young girls and encouraging them to focus on their education instead of worrying about their menstrual cycle and access to sanitary wear which is costly for many families who have little to no income.

Earlier in the year the NGO with the help of the East Rand Youth Choir and sponsors, Kia South Africa and Tiger Canyon Private Game Reserve situated just outside Philippolis, raised funds to support the RADA MiPad project. “Our recent visit to Philippolis included MiPad handouts to all the Grade 7 schoolgirls as well as the distribution of food to the three schools in the town, thanks to AGT Foods,” these sentiments expressed by Helena Tilston, General Manager of RADA.

Tiger Canyon RADA Philippolis Project

This year’s visit resulted in a RADA adoption of Tshiya Day Care Centre. Established in 2019 due to a desperate need in the area for a care facility for children aged between three months up to five years old. Analleta Mokokoane and her three staff look after 33 toddlers during the day while their parents are out.

Special guests on the 2021 visit included musicians who feature on RADA’s latest music album Unearthed Volume 2. Timothy Moloi, Howie Combrink, Me-Ko and Sevven are artists that continue to support RADA and the work being done by the NGO in vulnerable communities. “This experience was truly humbling,” says acclaimed artist Timothy Moloi. Royalties generated by the artists on the various RADA albums are donated towards supporting projects like these.

Accommodation was again graciously provided by Tiger Canyon Private Game Reserve. Managing Director Rodney Drew says, “It was great to see the RADA team again. Working with them over the past year in Philippolis, has enabled us to build some wonderful relationships around the town, we can see the difference being made to the lives of many within this community.”

Christo Valentyn, General Manager: Marketing at KIA Motors South Africa, “We are longstanding RADA sponsors and we are proud to support their work. Providing the vehicles for the very long road trip was again an absolute pleasure. It is fantastic to see the impact RADA is having in this rural community.”