The Great Karoo is a natural wonder of endless plains and fascinating rock layers.  It is one of the world’s most unique and arid zones.  In South Africa it stands alone, and is an envied rarity, which captivates tourists, researchers and scientists.

Rich fossil beds spanning over 600 million years set the Karoo apart from any other place on earth. Even now, much of its pre-history is yet to be revealed. Trace lines in the rocks show clear links to South America and Russia.   

The Tigress Julie Lodge is a luxurious beautifully decorated three-bedroom en suite lodge with all the modern amenities of a five-star hotel.  Situated in a canyon each room leads onto a spacious balcony with unbelievable panoramic views.  At night spot lights on the balcony allow you to view the Tigers navigating their territory.  

Our field guide, Connor, was a true professional and all our needs were always put first.  He was friendly and extremely knowledgeable when it came to the local wildlife, fauna and flora. Having a photographic background gave him the ability to get us into prime positions to photograph the tigers.

The Karoo sky falls like a great curtain behind a watchful tiger cub

Being fortunate enough to have already experienced many game reserves and top lodges in South Africa, Tiger Canyon and the Tigress Julie Lodge is up there with the best.  The location is unique with vast open landscapes and stunning formulated canyons.  I found the evenings the most incredible I have ever experienced with such tranquility, it was truly breathtaking.

This was the first time I have ever experienced photographing wild Tigers and they are by far the most exciting of any cat to photograph.  Being more active during the golden hours makes the Tigers very interesting to watch and increases your opportunity to capture great shots in the right light.

Thanks again to all the staff at Tiger Canyon for an incredible stay and such a unique experience photographing tigers in the beautiful Karoo. These memories will be forever treasured. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who loves the bush and has an interest in wildlife and landscape photography. 

One of tigress Ussuri’s cubs relaxes on a lazy summer afternoon